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Iowa City Marketplace

The Best Shopping Experience in Town

Enjoy the Best Shopping and More in Iowa City, IA

Shopping is a favorite pastime for millions of Americans for a reason. A fun, active, and social form of recreation, shopping is an indispensable part of life. At Iowa City Marketplace, the best shopping in town is always just minutes away.

Formerly Sycamore Mall, we have been serving the greater Iowa City, IA, community with amazing deals, world-class experiences, and plenty of chances for family fun, pairing your love of shopping with a clean, comfortable retail destination for years. Whether you’re seeking crafting supplies or groceries, we have it all to meet your needs. Stop by today to see what Iowa City Marketplace has in store for you!

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About Us

An All-New Shopping Experience

Formerly Sycamore Mall, Iowa City Marketplace is a renovated and reinvigorated experience in the heart of Iowa City, IA. In our transition, we have made customer service a commitment, providing dining, shopping, and entertainment to best serve Johnson County, IA.

We believe in bringing you the best in shopping opportunities with every trip, providing you with all of the essentials in one convenient location. With the amenities we have available, you can handle all of your day-to-day tasks in one fun and convenient location.

joann front store

Visit Our Flagship Stores

At Iowa City Marketplace, we are pleased to feature our anchor store: Joann Fabrics.

A national name known for quality and style, Joann Fabrics has been supplying shoppers with access to a comprehensive sewing experience for generations. With access to fabric, thread, buttons and fasteners, sewing machines, patterns, and more, crafting has never been easier.


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